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Orphea® is a well-established brand, with a long and successful market leading history.

Orphea®: the complete line of natural insecticides.
Orphea®: from the accurate search of the best active insect repellent ingredients.
Orphea® Personal, is a complete set of insect repellents and after-bites.


An innovative line of insecticides with natural eucalyptus extracts which double the repellency effect and release a pleasant scent.

Orphea® Fabrics Protection: for the care, protection and fragrance of fabrics.


A complete range of products from laundry detergents to cellulose diffusers that protect fabrics and personalize your wardrobe with unique scents. The most iconic product is Orphea® Salvalana® a Swiss made fabrics anti moth scented protector for wool, linen, silk, cashmere and delicate garments.

Orphea® Home Protection: complete line of home insecticides.


Orphea® Personal is a complete set of insect repellents and after-bites. Its vegetal origin formula gently protects the skin and boost a wide strong spectrum protection.

Orphea®: the business product line.