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A magical home care moment. MISTER MAGIC® is a complete range of products that magically helps you to keep up with daily house cleaning.

Mister Magic®: innovative products for house cleaning.

Mister Magic® Ovetto® fridge odor absorber neutralises unpleasant odours instantly and safely thanks to its gel formula made from natural extracts. The only one that lasts three months.

Mister Magic® Ovetto® Odor Absorber for fridge a natural and odorless gel.


A versatile range of product dedicated to the deodorization of indoor areas and fabrics. A complete air absorbing and deodorization line for all the daily cleaning needs: rooms, gym bags, fabrics, kitchen, sink, fridge.

Prevent Limescale Ironing Mister Magic® keeps the iron, boiler and filters clean


A set of items to ease ironing and keep flatiron maintenance. Mister Magic® ironing products prevents limestone accumulation and ease ironing efforts.

Mister Magic®: una linea di pulitori specifici per ogni esigenza di pulito.


A line of specialized cleaners for every furniture surface or home appliance. Specifically designed cleaners to keep every home equipment spick and span.

Mister Magic® Products Line:for every need of clean
Mister Magic®: the business product line.